3 Years Ago…….

15 January, exactly three years ago, I lost my aunt since she got eclamsy  after she delivered her fifth daughter. It awakened me.  I defamed myself how come the person around me has to dead because of this illness? At the time I already graduated from US, so actually I should be more aware about reproductive health. You can image, every day even every hour I play around internet, I could get any information from it, including eclamsy, but in reality I did not do anything and finally my aunty passed away. No one blamed me, but I blamed myself. From this moment, I promise to myself that I have to learn about reproductive health, and I will spread out this information to my communities. And I already start it. Unfortunately, my willingness to teach my community about reproductive health and sexuality is seen as an astray stream, so I am banned to teach reproductive health. I understand it is a new thing for my community, but why they never learn from my auntie’s tragedy.  However, show must go on. I still keep learning about reproductive health and sexuality, and spreading out for people.

From my deep heart, me sending praying for my aunt, Fatimatuz Zuhro.

Nihayatul Wafiroh

Adalah anggota DPR RI dari Fraksi Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (FPKB) yang mewakili Daerah Pemilihan Jawa Timur III (Banyuwangi-Bondowoso-Situbondo). Saat ini juga dipercaya sebagai Wakil Sekretaris Jenderal di Dewan Pengurus Pusat PKB. Aktif dalam Kaukus Perempuan Parlemen RI sebagai Wakil Sekretaris.